The New Grammar

The Internet brings about new grammar questions. A couple of examples are:

  • When opening a parenthesis, and ending the statement within with a smiley, does one end the parenthesis with a seperate parenthesis, or does the mouth of the smiley take over in this role? So this:
    (Hello 🙂
    versus this:
    (Hello :-))
    I generally prefer the second option, but I think the first option looks better but more awkward.
  • When typing a URL, path, or email address into a sentence, how does one put a period in? A period would change the meaning of what is typed, and it can also be unintentionally interpreted as the actual end of the sentence. Example:
    I think you should check out
    I think a good solution to this problem would be to instead write the following:
    I think you should check out ‘’.
    There, now doesn’t that look better?

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