Web OS

Operating systems are slowly becoming less and less important. We can perform more and more tasks through a web browser.

I am rather picky about what applications I use, but even I have migrated some of my tasks to be web-based:
email: Gmail
IM: Meebo
RSS: Bloglines
Life Organization: Somewhat custom implementation using MediaWiki

Having these things entirely online is great because it gives me a consistant environment to work with. I don’t have to worry about customizing every single computer that I work on. I can simply fire up a few web pages, log in, and I feel comfortable.

And if you need to, there are a few more things you can do entirely in a web browser like word processing (Writely) and spreadsheets (Google Spreadsheets).

I like the direction things are going.

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  • i agree with you… now who took “ben” as a username??

    if you look around, and you probably have, you’ll see references to the theory that netscape alone was poised to eradicate the whole browser business in the mid 90s because they offered many of the services that people wanted all online at the time… but they screwed it all up. so they’re gone now…

  • Anywho who da l named me mummersem?

    And what about that store computer where they would not give me my email address because someone (obviously, “me”) already had it! Yes, enough is enough is just too much.