Thoughts From Today’s News

I find myself getting more and more jaded about what goes on in our society. So I felt the need to share my feelings about recent goings on. Juan Williams was fired from NPR for a bigoted remark about Muslims he made on the O’Reilly Factor. And, in the society we live in, we have […]

My New Super-Secret Blog

I realized some time ago that there are a lot of things that I needed to write down, and that I wasn’t doing it. I wasn’t doing it mostly because they were things that I didn’t necessarily want my whole Twitter feed reading. So, I started a new blog and Twitter feed that will probably […]

Who Wants to Go Camping?

Mags and I want to go camping, and I had a fresh desire to do so just this morning. I really want to see the stars clearly, snuggle up in my sleeping bag, sit by the fire, go hiking, you know, all that good stuff. Anyone want to join?

Honeymoon Update!

We’re going to Copenhagen in September or October, for about ten days! Yeah, it’s a long way away, but we’ve got to save up our paid time off 🙂 Immediately after the wedding, we’ll go to a bed and breakfast for two or three nights. I’m getting pretty excited. Things are moving along pretty smoothly. […]


I decided recently to start blogging more in lieu of certain posts on Twitter. I find that, whodathunkit, it is hard to fully contain a thought in 140 characters sometimes. Mags and I talked tonight and it seems like it will probably make the most sense to have a short two- or three-day honeymoon immediately […]

Worst Motorist Intimidation So Far

After more than a year of using a bicycle as my primary means of transportation, today I experienced the worst yet dangerous confrontation on the road. As I was going down the hill on the 200 block of Chenery St, one block from my home, I heard a car behind me trying to pass in […]

This Time Last Year

This time last year, I was living in the Tenderloin. Peter-man was “the guy on the couch” (or the floor, or the air mattress). It was good times. I had only recently met Mags, I think about a week previously, and I had a major crush on her but I waited about another week to […]

This is How Us Hippies Shop for a Party!

Yes, that is a whole box of firewood strapped to the bike trailer. Wait, you are coming to our housewarming party tonight, right?

WordPress Automatic Upgrade Error

In trying to automatically upgrade WordPress to 2.8.3, I got the following error: “Missing zlib extensions” I am using apache 2.2.11 and FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p3. To fix… cd /usr/ports/archivers/php5-zlib make install apachectl restart Voila… Posted to fix the nonexistent Google results, hopefully.

Creating More of my Own Content

I realized yesterday, not for the first time, but maybe most poignantly so far, that I spend almost all of my waking hours consuming someone else’s ideas. Even in my downtime, I am often reading. In the many times per day when I have the opportunity to be occupied solely by my own thoughts, I […]