Smoothie Recipe

Mags and I make smoothies somewhat regularly. This morning I made one of the best ones I’ve made so far. Here’s the inexact recipe: two apples one orange one carrot about two cups of blueberries. I used frozen. a couple of scoops of protein powder about a half cup of dry uncooked oatmeal about a […]

Processed Food as Poison

Every couple of years I seem to read a book that is really influential to my thinking and my life. A couple of examples from the past six years or so are Understanding Power: The Indispensable Chomsky and Expect Resistance. I read another book recently that also falls into this category for me: In Defense […]

What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit lately. I’ve basically been busy as hell lately, and I suppose the blog has taken a back seat. So this post will be a rambling one bordering on stream of consciousness. So grab a cup of your favorite hot, cold or lukewarm beverage, get someone to rub your […]

Miracle Fruit

I want to try some miracle fruit, as seen on today’s Democracy Now. It makes things like lemons, tequila, cheese and Guinness taste sweet. It is rare and expensive though. I am mainly posting this here so that one day I remember to order some! Or maybe when I am in New York I will […]

Holy Crap

I just woke up at 6:30am…to go running. Weight loss is going great. I like this diet/fitness plan.

I’ve Been Missing Out

I have been eating eggs almost every morning for the past few weeks – two eggs whites with one whole egg. For a while I was having scrambled eggs, which is how I’ve eaten eggs my whole life. For the past week or so, however, I have been making them sunny side up. Why in […]

Spearmint Itch

Why does spearmint gum make my nose itch?


That is all.


I am in Georgia right now for my cousin’s wedding. It is a much-needed break, even though it is only for a weekend. The first thing I did when I got here was go with my cousin (not the one that is getting married) and my bro to Waffle House. Awesome. San Francisco and California […]


God damn I love this place. I also love consumable containers. Ice cream cones. Bread bowls. What’s next, frozen beer beer mug?