Man’s Economic Motivation

This is a great quote from Karl Poyani, in The Great Transformation: The outstanding discovery of recent historical and anthropological research is that man’s economy, as a rule, is submerged in his social relationships. He does not act as to safeguard his individual interest in the possession of material goods; he acts so as to […]

What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit lately. I’ve basically been busy as hell lately, and I suppose the blog has taken a back seat. So this post will be a rambling one bordering on stream of consciousness. So grab a cup of your favorite hot, cold or lukewarm beverage, get someone to rub your […]

Lenin Update #2

Been reading more of the Lenin biography. It is extremely well written. It turns out that he was a lawyer, specifically a barrister. Also, he barely did any work as a lawyer. He had a low case load. And he was still being funded mostly by his mother. He was born in 1870 and I […]

Update on Lenin

At this point he has self studied for his law degree. I think it took him about 6 months (read: crazy smart). And he finally got his first job, not as a lawyer, but something related to the law. More updates forthcoming.


I am reading a biography on Vladimir Lenin right now. I became interested in him because one of my professors described him as a full-time revolutionary. I want to see what the practical details were of how he accomplished this. Namely, how did he support himself while pursuing this path? So far I have read […]

Martin Luther

Sorry for all the quotes recently. Part of my study strategy this semester is to look up on Wikipedia everything that I highlight (for my History classes). I found this information on Martin Luther to be fascinating: Much scholarly debate has concentrated on Luther’s writings about the Jews. His statements that Jews’ homes should be […]