What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit lately. I’ve basically been busy as hell lately, and I suppose the blog has taken a back seat. So this post will be a rambling one bordering on stream of consciousness. So grab a cup of your favorite hot, cold or lukewarm beverage, get someone to rub your […]

It All Comes Together

I have just noticed that a track on Dieselboy‘s newest mix CD, Substance D, includes some spoken word by Bill Hicks. Bill Hicks strongly influences Tool, my favorite band, and now he’s on my favorite DJ’s CD? Kind of neat…

Miami, Tomorrow

Holy CRAP, I haven’t wanted to go to Miami since I was there in August ’05, but I am pretty sure I need to go tomorrow for this. Not literally, of course. Therefore, I end this post with a 🙁 Update: Let’s make it a long weekend.

Aftermath of the First Live Mix

I had my first live mix show tonight, broadcast online on FourMajor Radio. As mentioned in a previous post, I will be doing live shows weekly on Wednesdays from 2200-0000 PST. Tonight’s show went OK. I had three listeners (Thanks guys!). Most of the mixes between tracks were either bad or OK, with one “good” […]

FourMajor Radio Weekly Shows

As I showed you all in a previous post, I have obtained some turntables, a mixer, and some records. Well, after a little bit of practice mixing, I am still not all that good, but I think I am getting better. I am going to broadcast a live show weekly, starting tonight (2005-11-23) on my […]