I am testing out Twitter integration with my blog using Twitter Tools. Hopefully this blog post will automatically show up as a tweet.

Finally, my website is back up. As some of you know, my website runs on a server in my apartment. Today I got a free few moments to get the lil’ guy back up. Other things had been taking higher priority, like mopping the kitchen floor and clearing out some space in the closet.

Still a lot of work to do!

And a sad statistic from my trusty web server:
root@pub0:~# uptime
16:52:11 up 13 min, 2 users, load average: 0.10, 0.06, 0.05

My DMZ switch at home went dead. It served me well for a few years…but a enterprise switch it was not. My website proceeded to go down because of this. Back up now! Welcome back 🙂

I just realized I had no information about copyright on my blog. Well, I added the following to the bottom of all the pages: “Copy this content freely — no attribution is needed to the original author.”

So a few weeks ago I made a change to my site on how the permalinks were displayed. A permalink is a link that you can use permanently to link to one of my posts. So if you wanted to say “Look at what this idiot Stu said about Democracy” on your blog and link to a post that I had written rather than the main page, which changes, you’d link to a permalink of mine.

The permalinks had previously been displayed as: http://www.fourmajor.com/?p=291

I changed it to: http://www.fourmajor.com/index.php/2007/04/24/heartbreaking-update-on-the-legless-man/

When I put an image into one of my posts (such as a picture or a screenshot), I would write the HTML like this: img src=”images/image.jpg” That way, if I ever changed the name of my website to, say, bestwebsiteever.com, I wouldn’t have to change any of my image tags. Well, when I changed my permalink structure, all this got broken. Instead of looking for fourmajor.com/images/image.jpg, my web server was looking for fourmajor.com/index.php/2007/04/24/images/image.jpg. This obviously wasn’t going to work. I figured there had to be a better way…

Thankfully, there is. What I did was to download this nifty search and replace plugin. I replaced all instances of “images/” with “http://www.fourmajor.com/images/”. This way, I can use the permalink format that I like. And should I ever change my domain name, I can simply do another search and replace. Oh, and for good measure: w00t.

After a little bit of searching, I found WP-PDA for displaying my site correctly on mobile devices. Just go to the regular fourmajor.com URL on your mobile device and it should render correctly.

When I go to a website, if I am confused about what the hell I am looking at, I scan the page for the “about” page, describing … well, what the hell I am looking at. I get frustrated when I can’t find one.

And going back to the whole “not wanting to be a hypocrite” theme from an earlier post, I have created a page titled “About FourMajor“, which you will always be able to find on the right side of this site.