Seemingly twice a week you’ll hear that someone got “posterized” by a slam dunk. Like the dunk by Taj Gibson on D Wade. “Posterized” means that someone dunked on you, and therefore you’ll be on their poster that will go on the walls of countless twelve-year-old boys across the country. However, a cursory search turns up no results. You can get posters of players dunking, solo, in Slam Dunk Contests, but none of them dunking making some other guy look foolish.

So, maybe we need to end the term “posterize,” unless someone actually starts printing the posters 🙂

Although, it looks like you can get this classic on eBay.

In a just world, this would be the Western Conference All-Star team:
Deron Williams
Brandon Roy
Kevin Durant
Carmelo Anthony
Dirk Nowitzki
Tim Duncan
Kobe Bryant
Steve Nash
Pau Gasol
Chris Paul
Tyreke Evans
Amare Stoudemire

The Western Conference was much harder to pick than the Eastern Conference. The following players really deserve to play in the All-Star game as well:
Chris Kaman
Monta Ellis
Zach Randolph
Andrew Bynum

In a just world, here is who would be selected for the Eastern Conference All-Star team:
Dwight Howard
Lebron James
Chris Bosh
Dwayne Wade
Joe Johnson
Antawn Jamison
Rajon Rondo
Gerald Wallace
Danny Granger
Derrick Rose
Brook Lopez
David Lee

As more and more NBA players jump ship to play overseas, I think it would be really weird if Kobe or LeBron took a large payday and left the NBA as well.

For some reason, and maybe this season more than previous seasons, the NBA playoffs somehow seem to activate a certain part in my brain that is usually reserved for intense interest in political struggles or a great movie drama.

The playoffs are great this year. The only way I could enjoy them more is if I could watch more of the games.

Round 1
Celtics over Hawks, 4-0
Pistons over 76ers, 4-0
Magic over Raptors, 4-1
Cavs over Wizards, 4-2
Lakers over Nuggets, 4-2
Hornets over Mavericks, 4-2
Spurs over Suns, 4-2
Jazz over Rockets, 4-1

Round 2
Celtics over Cavs, 4-2
Pistons over Magic, 4-2
Jazz over Lakers, 4-3
Spurs over Hornets, 4-3

Round 3
Celtics over Pistons, 4-2
Spurs over Jazz, 4-3

Celtics over Spurs, 4-2

Celtics land Garnett in unprecedented 7-for-1 deal

Prediction: Even with Garnett, Pierce, and Allen, The Celtics will only have a 50-win season anyway.

It is time for my annual NBA Playoffs prediction that no one cares about:

round one:
4-1 Detroit over Orlando
4-3 Miami over Chicago
4-2 Toronto over New Jersey
4-1 Cleveland over Washington
4-2 Dallas over Golden State
4-2 Houston over Utah
4-2 San Antonio over Denver
4-3 Phoenix over LA Lakers

conference semifinals:
4-3 Miami over Detroit
4-2 Toronto over Cleveland
4-1 Dallas over Houston
4-2 San Antonio over Phoenix

conference finals:
4-0 Miami over Toronto
4-3 Dallas over San Antonio

4-3 Dallas over Miami

Ah, damn it. Looks like we have to play the Cleveland LeBrons in the first round of the playoffs. He’s going to torch us.

From Steve Kerr’s final NBA power rankings:
“With no Gilbert Arenas or Caron Butler, the Wizards are the team everyone in the East wants to play in the first round. It looks like Toronto will have the honor.”