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So a few weeks ago I made a change to my site on how the permalinks were displayed. A permalink is a link that you can use permanently to link to one of my posts. So if you wanted to say “Look at what this idiot Stu said about Democracy” on your blog and link to a post that I had written rather than the main page, which changes, you’d link to a permalink of mine.

The permalinks had previously been displayed as: http://www.fourmajor.com/?p=291

I changed it to: http://www.fourmajor.com/index.php/2007/04/24/heartbreaking-update-on-the-legless-man/

When I put an image into one of my posts (such as a picture or a screenshot), I would write the HTML like this: img src=”images/image.jpg” That way, if I ever changed the name of my website to, say, bestwebsiteever.com, I wouldn’t have to change any of my image tags. Well, when I changed my permalink structure, all this got broken. Instead of looking for fourmajor.com/images/image.jpg, my web server was looking for fourmajor.com/index.php/2007/04/24/images/image.jpg. This obviously wasn’t going to work. I figured there had to be a better way…

Thankfully, there is. What I did was to download this nifty search and replace plugin. I replaced all instances of “images/” with “http://www.fourmajor.com/images/”. This way, I can use the permalink format that I like. And should I ever change my domain name, I can simply do another search and replace. Oh, and for good measure: w00t.

I’ve been thinking for a while now that while GMail is great, I’d really like to host my own mail. Except I would want webmail, and I don’t want to use SquirrelMail. Well, after a little bit of searching, I found Roundcube WebMail. It’s AJAXy and it is GPL. Looks good to me. Of course it is still in early development stages, but I’ll take a look at it.

And now…A screenshot.

I recently set out to replace Windows XP with Kubuntu GNU/Linux. I figured it might take a couple of months before I would be comfortable with completely removing Windows from my system. It turns out that I won’t be able to remove it at all. In fact, I am giving up on Linux on my main desktop completely.

The reason? My Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card is not supported. Creative doesn’t have a driver and they won’t give any information to ALSA so that they can make a driver. It is really, really annoying.

And right now I need a Linux desktop to do development of the client side of Project Stockton. So it looks like what I am going to do is purchase a cheap, small, and quiet desktop devoted to Linux. I’ll need to get a KVM switch, too.

I was trying to install snort on a Debian machine, and during the configure I got the following error:

“C compiler cannot create executables”

After searching The Google, I found someone saying to just install g++ (I had already installed gcc). That fixed it.

Just want to bump this solution up on the Google rankings.

From the brilliant creators of meebo, a web-based, multi-protocol IM client, comes meebome, a little flash app that you can add to your website to allow real-time chat with the people visiting your site. Think integrated google chat within GMail.

I’ll be adding this feature to my website tonight.

For the nine millionth time, Mr. Windows XP:
– I don’t want to take a tour of Windows XP.
– I don’t care that there are unused icons on my desktop.
– I don’t want to activate.
– I don’t care that my high-speed USB device is plugged in to an non-high speed USB hub.
– I don’t care that my system may be at risk.
– I sure as hell am not ready to reboot my computer yet after applying patches.
– I don’t care that new programs have been installed and are now available for my clicking pleasure in the start menu.

Leave me alone and let me use my computer in peace!

From a great Windows Vista overview on Tom’s Hardware:

The first user defined during installation is automatically granted administrative privileges. Worse yet, the reserved account named Administrator is not required to have a password to log into the machine!

When will Microsoft learn? I thought Bill Gates was now supposedly pushing security above all else. This horrible default settings shows exactly how committed Microsoft is to security.

OK, I know that this is a good investment when you consider how it will help me get my certifications, but ouch, this hurts:

Boson Netsim