I wrote a tutorial entitled “How to be Anonymous on the World Wide Web Using Windows“. Read that tutorial if you want to know why you should care and how to do it.

I am writing this now so none of you let me get away with not doing this: I am going to put up a Festivus pole in my apartment this year, and write a detailed tutorial (with plenty of pictures, of course) on how to do so.

I tend to get these really dumb ideas in my head sometimes and then take them to extremes . . . and have a really good time doing so. So, five minutes into this idea, I have thought of a good extension of it. I also intend to write a detailed article on Wikipedia about the Festivus pole.

Damn it, I wish it were Saturday already, when I will have idle time to waste on such frivolties!

I have written a tutorial on using the Unix utility GNU screen. Click this link to read the tutorial.