Taking off my belt

Why is it such a social no-no to take off your belt in public?

Courtesy in the Tech World

For a while, I have been trying to get into chatting on IRC. Let’s just say it’s not working too well so far. My main problem with it is that you can literally have a chat room with 100 people in it, and NO ONE will be chatting. What the hell is the point in … Read More

A rough idea: Open Education

Something I have noticed about myself has given me an idea about an alternate form of education. What if you were given a large amount of resources such as access to books, classes, professors, and TAs and you were judged on your worthiness for a degree at a point of your and your adviser’s determining? … Read More


I remember the good old highschool days. I remember relishing in the fact that I was happy almost all the time. Life was good (for a time). What has happened since then? I have turned into a person that struggles daily with a quest to acheive happiness. I think there are several contributing factors. But, … Read More

Another night at work

So I am on night 6 in my 8-night work marathon . . .

got my new blog set up

This wordpress junx is basically what I wanted to do with custom blog software . . .