I decided recently to start blogging more in lieu of certain posts on Twitter. I find that, whodathunkit, it is hard to fully contain a thought in 140 characters sometimes.

Mags and I talked tonight and it seems like it will probably make the most sense to have a short two- or three-day honeymoon immediately after the wedding, with the full honeymoon coming some months later. The short honeymoon will probably be at a nice bed and breakfast. Here are some ideas for the longer honeymoon – maybe about ten days in length…

Copenhagen. Cute, European city from what I hear. The most appealing thing, though, for both of us I think, is the huge bicycle culture here.

Tokyo. I’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo. Seems like there would be endless partying and world-class food here.

Mixed trip: Napa Valley and a cabin in the woods somewhere. This would probably be the most relaxed, peaceful option. The days would be filled with wine tastings, hikes in the woods, and lazy days in small towns.

Obligatory island somewhere. This option obviously has to be explored.

That’s all I can think of for now. I am sure we will come up with more ideas. I’d love to hear your ideas, too!

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  • hey, wow, i still have a login! neat!

    anyways… i like your plan… i like it so much that that’s exactly what we did! though our long honeymoon is turning out to be a little more than 6 months from the wedding, but it’s still the idea! just make sure you follow through, 😉

    Tokyo (from all of the travelogues i’ve seen) is fantastic for food and partying both – though roadside food here has been almost lost, it’s still super popular almost everywhere else in the world, and Japan has some of the best.

    I like your thinking though, and your style!