What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit lately. I’ve basically been busy as hell lately, and I suppose the blog has taken a back seat. So this post will be a rambling one bordering on stream of consciousness. So grab a cup of your favorite hot, cold or lukewarm beverage, get someone to rub your […]

Middle East Dominance: Obama vs. McCain

I don’t read Antiwar.com nearly enough. This great quote is from an article entitled “Coercive ‘Diplomacy’ – Prelude to War: Don’t be fooled by Washington’s diplomatic overtures to Tehran” The American elites are unanimous in their verdict that the US must establish and maintain an American enclave in the Middle East: the only “debate” is […]


Prediction: Maliki isn’t going to last much longer as prime minister of Iraq. Because of… US rejects Iraqi demand for troops’ withdrawal timeline

US Forces Not Allowed in Sadr City

I was surprised by this line: Sadr supporter Araji, however, said the agreement specifically barred American forces from entering Sadr City. “The Iraqi forces, not the American forces, can come into Sadr City and search for weapons,” Araji said. We’ll see if this agreement is honored by the US military. Full article here.

So Much For the Cease Fire

The cease fire between Sadr’s forces and US-backed forces seems to be in danger as US-backed Iraqi forces attacked the Mahdi Army militia. Those “decreased fatalities” you’ve been hearing about? Get ready to say bye bye to them. From the NY Times: Fighting in Iraq Continues Amid Crackdown