Google transit finally included MUNI in their service. An example.

I’ll be using this a lot more frequently now.

Today I encountered the perfect example of why I moved to San Francisco: More than 100 arrested in S.F. anti-war protests

I couldn’t ask for better inspiration than this. I am going to take some time on Sunday to just think.

I love the history of my city: Not Even Jackassable

The murders in San Francisco last year were NIMBY.

Who do they think we are, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? You can’t just take away our pizza and expect us to stop fighting.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has unanimously adopted a resolution declaring October 27 as “End The War In Iraq Day” in San Francisco. This makes me happy. 🙂

San Francisco has the highest amount of restaurants per capita. I love it. There are so many different choices for food that I’ll never run out. Within walking distance of my apartment there is:
– pizza
– Thai
– Italian
– Brazilian
– Chinese
– Indian
– Mexican
– Spanish
– Japanese/sushi
– ice cream
– burgers
– Vietnamese
– French
– American

And near work there is:
– Italian
– Thai
– Vietnamese
– Turkish
– Indian
– Soup
– Indian

I definitely prefer the restaurant scene near home more, but I am discovering more and more hidden treasures near work. My favorites near work are Little Delhi, Anatolian Kitchen, Split Pea Seduction, King of Thai Noodle, and Little Joe’s. My favorites near home are Zarzuela, Okoze, Za Pizza, Escape From New York Pizza, Lemongrass, Gary Danko, and Swensen’s. Yum!

The 2007 San Francisco mayoral race will officially suck. Gavin Newsom is running for reelection and he doesn’t have any serious challengers. Matt Gonzales has announced he will not seek the office and Chris Daly has decided again that he will not run.

Now, I am not a huge Newsom hater. Actually I’d say that overall I approve of the job he is doing. But if Gonzales or Daly were running, I’d probably vote for one of those two. Also any way you look at it, especially with the city’s instant runoff voting, more choices are better. Right now the most serious contenders are Josh Wolf, the previously jailed journalist/blogger whose platform includes making San Francisco sovereign, and Chicken John, some performer/artsy type guy whose platform seems to mostly consist of “if we just make more art all of our problems will go away.”

I guess there’s always 2011 for an exciting mayoral race…

Wow, San Francisco has the highest city budget per capita in the United States.

How about some better public transport out of that massive budget, eh?

I usually like MUNI, but it sucks tonight…

Yes, I know it is a Sunday night at 10:42PM. But this timer was at 35 minutes when I first looked, and certainly the bus is supposed to run more often than that.