Date Morning

Sometimes Twitter just doesn’t cut it… it’s not worth it to try to fit everything in 140 characters. Mags and I have date morning this morning. We are going to start it off by going to Mission Dolores, which is the oldest building in San Francisco, built in 1776. It also contains the only cemetery … Read More

Smoothie Recipe

Mags and I make smoothies somewhat regularly. This morning I made one of the best ones I’ve made so far. Here’s the inexact recipe: two apples one orange one carrot about two cups of blueberries. I used frozen. a couple of scoops of protein powder about a half cup of dry uncooked oatmeal about a … Read More

Fitness Update

Well, I haven’t lost any weight. But I’m not particularly concerned about it just yet. The reason is that I feel like I have been taking care of myself physically. Peter-man and I have been doing daily push-ups, and we had a contest on Sunday to see who could do the most in one day. … Read More

The Good, The Bad, And The Better

I was feeling a bit restless and needing to get out of the office today, so I took the afternoon off. After picking up a book from the library and doing some reading while eating lunch outside in front of Canyon Market, I headed home. It was a beautiful day today. I brought the book … Read More

I Saw Some Crazy Ish Yesterday

Yesterday, I was out with Mom near her place, returning with her groceries in a City Carshare car. We were waiting to turn left at Monterey and Foerster. All of a sudden, we hear several harried beeps coming from a car across the intersection to our left. We look, and there is a car flying … Read More

Early Motivation

After my monster workout a couple of days ago, I am finding it hard to muster up motivation to work out. I think I need two things to succeed: – no hangovers. Hard to avoid on New Year’s Day, even though I didn’t drink much on NYE. – early to bed, early to rise. Mags … Read More

Today By the Numbers

Today’s weigh-in: 159.5 lbs. Goal weight for February 1: 150 lbs. Pounds I must lose per day to reach this goal: .297 Calorie deficit needed per day: 1,039 Hours on the bike trainer today: 1 Minutes biking on city streets: 50 Minutes running: 43 Miles run: 4 Here is today’s running route: View Larger Map … Read More

Cliche Fitness in the New Year

Our honeymoon is over and so is the holiday visit to the East Coast. In between the two I got some form of the flu that was one of the worst illnesses I have had. It lasted about a week. With all of this comes a few extra pounds and also some restlessness – the … Read More

Thoughts From Today’s News

I find myself getting more and more jaded about what goes on in our society. So I felt the need to share my feelings about recent goings on. Juan Williams was fired from NPR for a bigoted remark about Muslims he made on the O’Reilly Factor. And, in the society we live in, we have … Read More