Life Experiences

Life seems to be a collection of unique experiences. These experiences can exist mostly in the real world, or they can exist in an abstract or imaginary world. When doing something like cutting down trees or soldering a circuit, I consider that to be completely concentrated on the real world. You are extremely focused on one “real” thing, on which you have a unique perspective. One person may see a tree with a thin slice in it, while you may see a strategy well or poorly implemented. One person may see a seemingly random organization of melted metal, while you see an abstract circuit design.

But when I am in the real world with sensory stimulation that requires little to no concentration, sometimes I can feel like I am completely in a different world. If I am sitting on a couch listening to good music with nothing else in the room to grab my attention, I can be in a completely different fantasy world in my head. A passer-by will see a guy sitting on a couch nodding his head while staring at the floor.

There are also other situations in which you can feel almost completely removed from reality. One such situation for me is when I am hacking. I am completely concentrated on my command prompt or other related interface. My virtual sense of where I am almost overtakes my other senses. My sense of sight is little more than a tool to transfer information from this other experience to the real-world experience.

In essence, I sometimes have the feeling that I am in more than one place, or experience if we’d like to use the popular word of this moment, in a given day. My experience hacking can be completely separated from my sensory overload in the real world that is a walk down a city street.

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  • Thats deep. Man you ever have the feeling when you do something that you just go into the “zone” and nothing else matters … and a few hours later your done whta you were doing…but your not exactly sure how you did it.

    I know this isnt completely along with what you were saying …. but sometimes I really focus by loosing focus.

  • Yes, I do get that feeling, and that is kind of where my thoughts came from. But I can’t say I ever can’t remember how I did something, unless of course it is a few months or years later.

  • Maybe its more of, I just dotn understand how i could have done what I did in the time constraint. Alot of times I’ll have projects for school and they seem impossible, but somehow ill spend like 24 hours on it and have It done. When im done I just wonder “how the hell did I just do that in 24 hours”. I don’t know how to explain it.