Potential Future Wikipedia Crisis

I have been using Wikipedia a lot lately. I have been editing a lot of pages too. I have read stories about the extremely dedicated users who spend hours per day editing Wikipedia stories. This got me thinking that there has got to be a way that people will make money from their Wikipedia skills. … Read More

Save Cockeyed

One of my favorite websites is Cockeyed.com. If you have a sense of humor anything like mine, you will be amused there for hours on end (that is, if you haven’t been there for a while). The website’s owner/creator is Rob Cockerham. He usually updates the site once or twice a week. Recently, Rob has … Read More

Slashdot Story Generator

I was looking for alternatives to Slashdot when I stumbled across the Slashdot Story Generator. If you are looking for alternatives to Slashdot as well, I suggest you visit this “Quit Slashdot.org Today!” page.

Serial . . . Litterer?

This is the funniest article I have read in a long time. Evidently a crotchety old man in Virginia was pissed off at the state, and decided to dump his trash on public land.

Yahoo! Unlimited reviewed

Yahoo! today launched their new Yahoo! Music Unlimited. For $4.99/month (when paying for a whole year), you can listen to their whole music library from your Windows PC. You also have the option to pay $0.79 to burn a track to a CD. You access their service with the Yahoo! Music Engine (pictured below).The interface … Read More

The New Grammar

The Internet brings about new grammar questions. A couple of examples are: When opening a parenthesis, and ending the statement within with a smiley, does one end the parenthesis with a seperate parenthesis, or does the mouth of the smiley take over in this role? So this: (Hello 🙂 versus this: (Hello :-)) I generally … Read More

Holy Crap

I have 3 listeners on my Internet radio station (FourMajor Radio), none of whom are me or my cousin. In fact, I don’t think I know any of them, just by looking at the IP addresses. I am playing some Yo-Yo Ma right now – maybe that was the secret.

NES Mod idea

My brother and I love the classic game Genghis Khan for the NES. I just thought of a way to play on a REAL NES over the Internet. You could make a controller emulator that plugs into a computer’s serial port on one end, and into the Nintendo controller port on the other end. Make … Read More

Numa Numa

It is amazing what a little Numa Numa can do to cheer a guy up.

Life Experiences

Life seems to be a collection of unique experiences. These experiences can exist mostly in the real world, or they can exist in an abstract or imaginary world. When doing something like cutting down trees or soldering a circuit, I consider that to be completely concentrated on the real world. You are extremely focused on … Read More