I remember the good old highschool days. I remember relishing in the fact that I was happy almost all the time. Life was good (for a time). What has happened since then? I have turned into a person that struggles daily with a quest to acheive happiness.

I think there are several contributing factors. But, the scary thing is that I only think I know how to help myself. I have to test out my hypothesis to know for sure. Welcome to the experiment called my life.

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  • Now, five months later and a very new life on the left coast planned out before you you have much to look forward to. To not over use the word “new”, lets say that there are different surroundings for you….. work (people there and other places)…. enjoy them….. Yes, the word enjoy is an important word when thinking of happiness. Seeing as how you’ll have no roommates, there will be time for feeling freedom!! ;>} Make sure you do that b’balling. Keep up that softshoe express; as I’m planning much walking in the mall and off on my own, even when I’m not on my new job. Thinking of you so very much. All of our times are so very dear, dear.


  • Happiness for me may be some of these special things:
    . knowing you
    . listening to music
    . singing
    . a beautiful day
    . one past winter morning looked like a winter wonderland —- all ice
    . good friends
    . foods that are so good for me like my mom fixed on the farm — soup, plain veggies
    . holidays
    . giving a gift
    . wanting one day to be a grandmother
    . welcoming daughter-in-laws into the family
    . doing my crafts
    . meeting people
    . grocery shopping, menu planning, cooking
    . loving life