My new aura

I recently purchased some turntables, a mixer, and some records. And today, my new desk came in. Of course this meant “redesigning” my “aura”, which is what I like to call the expanse of electronics that surrounds me in my computer chair. Click here for the full gallery, or if you trust my discriminating taste then you can just look at the pretty pictures below.

DJ table
My DJ table with pretty lights.

The whole aura in one shot
The whole aura in one shot.

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  • DJing sounds like a neat thing to do and to have it set up as you have is a big accomplishment in as short a time as you’ve been at your new digs. Glad that desk came in.

    A couple of other comments:

    You are so very close to passing that CCNA exam; keep up the studies on that it seems inevitable!

    Yes, you are able to do the things you set out to do and you prove that often.

    It is also true that you are so physically fit and athletic and to add you are one to have such a nutrious diet.

    I find that a broad range of interests can be very good and can show intelligence.

    Have viewed some of that homestarrunner. Cute ; ^ } ….

    You, FourMajor are someone I am proud of.

    And last, but not least, your lastest writings are in such a grammatical well thought out manner and I approve of the right-justification….. it seems to help the ease of reading.


    A Fan

  • Yeah actually that desk is a different desk. The deposit I placed on the other desk may have to be recovered via the credit card company, or small claims court if I have to.

    Yes, I know I am close to my CCNA. At the same time, there is no rush. It is a career-enhancing certification, but not something that will help me directly in the next weeks or months. With this in mind, I have decided to not take the exam again until I am really going to ace it. No more of this “almost” stuff.

    Thanks for the nice comments mom! Glad you read my site.

  • You are very welcome and I am glad that you like my comments.

    I missed the Festivist for the Rest of Us show of Seinfeld and I am sorry that I did.

    That desk that you did finally get, I think you said that you spent one long tiring afternoon purchasing at Ikea.

    Do you have any photos of your livingroom furniture? Their description sound nice.

    What kinds of “records” are you set up to DJ? Are they necessarily old ones as current times we listen to CD’s?

    You are really setting up your apartment, website and settling into your job, neighborhood and it seems that you are maturing seeeewww much.

    Let me know if you need anything else and I’ll plan to get it off to you.