Work Today?

It is almost 6:30am, and I am still the only one in the office. I am sitting here wondering if we are even supposed to be open today. I double-checked our official days off in two places, and didn’t see President’s Day listed as a day off.

Well, I would still welcome going home at 8am or so if no one arrives. Not that I am expecting that to happen…just being hopeful. Kind of like when I would wake up in the morning for school and sit there glued to the TV seeing if we had off for snow. That is definitely a unique experience for some people…some places get so much snow that there is no way they are going to get off for it. Some places get no snow at all and have the same effect.

But Maryland…if a little snow was sticking to the road, we got off school. And man, that was great.

Update (8:09am): There is indeed work today. One guy (at least) had off, and a lot of people are working from our other office because of limited transit today.

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  • Dude,

    If I knew you wrote stuff like this I would have totally checked out your site a long time ago! You have been holding out on me. Who other than myself could deface your site with my “mad”, oops, bad English skills! Bookmarked for future enjoyment. Have a good night.