Poll: Should I Grow My Goatee Back?

Update 2: Neck and neck with 4.5 hours to go!
Update: Just a few days left, with Huge Goatee in the lead by a 2:1 margin!

Clean shaven:
Clean shaven thumb

With huge goatee:
Goatee thumb


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  • maybe I shouldn’t vote….. But damn I like that pic of you…. *saves*

  • Voted one way, as I told you in email, but still partial to the grin on you “clean shavin”. After all, if anyone has seen you at the beach would know you are one hairy brute. Don’t let others make up your mind. Your father once with a full-beard asked you at age less-then-two if he should shave? And besides the photog of you looking straight into the camera is very nice and you could be hiding a cute chin.

    Don’t know what you can say from all of my comments?


  • And speaking of “HAIR”, still love those “stately brows”. To the side of my computer I have a large photograph of you with your large goatee and you are smiling very broadly straight into the camera. The goatee in the photo I have is only 1/2 the size of the one above seeeeeewwwwww I’ll make me a couple of new copies.


  • With that monsterous growth of hair, doesn’t food get caught in it?

    I remember when you had it dyed black that it appeared bigger.

    At any rate, just keep smiling and you’ll be still handsome.

    I wouldn’t, if I were you, go for the bald haircut at all since what you have right now is kept at a nice length.

  • It’s not even close – Giant Goatee wins.

    Though it would’ve been nice if you’d used a picture where you were wearing a shirt.

  • Yes, I agree a shirt would be nice………. and the picture I have on my computer table with the smile is from about 6 years ago and you were wearing a shirt in it as well as the smile! 🙂

    Does this mean that the goatee wins out and that you will be running around shirtless?


  • I am going to start taking bets soon and what the turn out is going to be!!!! My money is on the goatee…..*crosses fingers* come on goatee

  • Stu,

    My roommate, Judy, wants to add her vote #19 as clean cut.


  • well since you are now not talking about either… are you going to take pics of your progress?

  • Don’t know if I can vote for two extra people from my computer?

    I told you that one of my roommates votes for clean cut and now I want to tell you to add one more (my other roommate)…………… she also votes for clean cut.


  • If you’re wondering where the 15 votes came from out of the blue–my sister, my insurance agent, my minions, and a few other people I knew. If only real life campaigning was this much fun.

  • so when will the appearance of the scruffy half beard come into play? You need new pics and a new entry… Your readers are getting bored or maybe just me :-p