A New Idea For Completion of Goals

As I was out running after work today, I had an idea on how I can get myself to complete my goals. You see, I had intended on going running this morning, but I didn’t quite make it. In general, I have been pretty good about my exercise this summer but not as good as I wanted to be.

So my idea was to set a goal and set a monetary punishment for not meeting the goal. If the goal was to go running before work and I didn’t do it, I would put $5 in a bin set aside for that purpose. At the end of the month, I take whatever money is in the bin from the running goal and other goals and donate it somewhere.

Of course this plan has its limitations too. I would need to be better with my money so I wouldn’t be dipping into the bin because I “need” the money. And I don’t think this plan would work well for goals that are monetary in nature. Other than that, I think I will start doing it and hopefully it will help me to complete more of my goals.

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