The South is Awesome

I am enjoying the south. The big hair. The accents. The crawfish. I am enjoying it all, and I’m looking forward to coming back some day soon. Hopefully I’ll be returning with some peaches.


I am in Georgia right now for my cousin’s wedding. It is a much-needed break, even though it is only for a weekend.

The first thing I did when I got here was go with my cousin (not the one that is getting married) and my bro to Waffle House. Awesome.

San Francisco and California are great and all, but they are missing a certain something. That something, while I can’t sum it up in a tidy description, are best conveyed through Waffle House. No waffle houses in San Francisco. There are a lot of things right with San Francisco. What is wrong is they don’t have the Waffle House. *tear*

Miami, Tomorrow

Holy CRAP, I haven’t wanted to go to Miami since I was there in August ’05, but I am pretty sure I need to go tomorrow for this.

Not literally, of course. Therefore, I end this post with a 🙁

Update: Let’s make it a long weekend.

Eco-friendlier Way to Travel

I am a train fan. I take Caltrain fairly regularly, and I have taken Amtrak a couple times out to Davis.

After a recent episode of Forum, I have begun to think more about what it means to fly. So I did a little research, and found that train travel is by far the best way to travel in terms of energy consumption. Cars, buses, and airplanes use about the same amount of energy per passenger mile, while trains use about 60% of what the other modes use.

Of course, Amtrak is also remarkably more expensive, about double what you would pay for a plane or bus. That will hopefully change.

As our climate problem gets worse, and more people get concerned about it, I would hope to see hundreds of billions of dollars doing into train travel. Where do we get this money? The military budget. Hopefully Americans will learn to swallow that one.

Uncharacteristically, I Can’t Sleep

I usually fall asleep very easily. Not tonight. It is not something that particularly worries me, but a short while back I was listening to a podcast with a sleep expert and he said that if you can’t fall asleep, then you should get out of bed and write down your thoughts. Well, I have been a bit behind on updating my blog anyway, so I figured I would throw some stuff on here.

It may sound a bit cheesy, but my new year’s resolution is to lose weight. I am sparing myself the stress of worrying about it until after (the day after, to be exact) I get back from Maryland. So I will start on January 3. I will be sure to make a post that includes my current weight, my target weight, and a picture of my belly. So if you are easily creeped out by a hairy beer belly, then you might want to block all images originated from the domain. I am going to do this for a before/after effect.

One thing that I have recently learned, and that I have previously written about, is that if I am to stop something, it has to be cold turkey. So for the purpose of my diet, I am going to completely abstain from all things sugary until I hit my goal weight. And same goes for grease. And mixed drinks. And non-light beer (I am not ready to give up drinking altogether, otherwise what would William and I find to do together?).

This is a difficult block to live on to avoid those things. Without crossing a street, I can go to my favorite ice cream shop in the entire country and my second favorite pizza place in the entire country. They’ll be missing out on my business for a few months.

I have decided that once I hit my target weight, I am not going to allow myself to go above it. I haven’t felt this motivated about losing weight in, well, ever.

On to other news, I went from worst barber shop experience ever to best barber shop experience ever. Thanks to Yelp, I discovered 1512 Barber Shop. It is about 10 blocks from my apartment and well worth the walk. Sal is a very friendly, soft-spoken, and professional barber. For the first time in my life, I made an appointment to get a hair cut, and surprisingly I didn’t feel strange doing it. A two-chair barber shop, 1512 has been open for about six months, and I learned that Sal had most or all of the furniture custom made in Mexico. Even though it has been open for such a short time, the barber shop really has the feeling that it has been around for a long time. It was the most I have ever spent for a haircut ($20), and I felt like it should have cost more. I think I will go there once a month and get a haircut and a straight-razor shave. Sal described it as taking an hour and a half and being like a massage. Sounds like a man’s version of a pedicure. Count me in.

Last but absolutely not least, I have recently returned from Maui, where I was vacationing for a week with Alyssa’s family. What a great time we had. I was fortunate enough to have joined them on the trip in which they stayed in the nicest condos they have had yet. The view from our condo was absolutely beautiful. We ate like kings (I have never had such tasty pineapple!), I learned of a great Hawaiian breakfast (papaya topped with banana), we had the best sushi I have ever tasted at Sensei’s and the best overall meal I have had in a long time at a restaurant, the name of which I don’t remember. And to top it all off, I ate the most in one sitting that I have in a long time (three t-bone steaks; I really don’t know how I did it).

Other than eating, which by itself would have made it a great week, we went snorkeling at Molokini and we went to the Ocean Center. Just how I like it, the vacation wasn’t too jam-packed with activities, leaving plenty of time to bum around and read.

I kind of feel like a bum, having not earned almost any money since September and taking two straight vacations. Yet I know that I accomplished something very valuable in those months and when I get back to San Francisco on the 2nd, I will have months of hard work ahead of me, both at work and on my new year’s resolution, before I have my next major break.

And on a side note, I had a bit of a realization yesterday. I think I realized what brings me a great deal of happiness. As I was out running errands on foot, I was enjoying walking around the city. So in life, you have the things that you enjoy doing and you have the things that you have to do. I don’t think the hard part is enjoying the things that you like to do anyway. I think the hard part is bringing the most enjoyment to the things that you have to do. And while I would rather be doing a great number of things rather than visiting the Coinstar at Cala Foods, at least I can walk next to the cable car on my way home, among many other pleasant sights in my neighborhood.

I leave you with this picture of the view from our condo in Maui:

Oh yeah, and mele kalikimaka.

Work Update at One Week

I put in a fourteen-hour day yesterday. It didn’t seem like a fourteen hour day at all.

From 10am until 6pm I was mostly doing research and the such and getting my cube in order. I also got a working badge to access the building. I have a working sfchronicle email address. I like feeling more official, rather than just like the “new guy.” Now I just have to get my smart phone, which should be coming soon, with a 415 area code even (which will make me feel less like a new guy to the city, with my 443 area code and all).

From about 6pm to 12am we had to reassign IP addresses on tons of printers. We were talking IP addresses, ARP, DNS, and servers. My opinion mattered and I was respected. It was great.

Now tomorrow I am off to Hawaii until the 22nd with Alyssa’s family. Yipee!

Good Ol’ Libraries

I’ve got a new idea. I think I am going to make a point of visiting all the main libraries along the Caltrain and BART stops. That’s a lot of libraries. Tomorrow it is Palo Alto.

I think I’ll be able to hit up a lot of coffee shops this way, too.

A Bad Start to My Trip

So I am on my first trip for GuardianEdge Technologies. They sent me to Jersey City, New Jersey.

To start the trip off, the woman sitting across the aisle found everything possible to bitch about. First her audio jack wasn’t working, so the flight attendant asked me to switch with her because I wasn’t going to watch the movie. At least I got offered a free cocktail or snack, but I didn’t really want it anyway.

As a side note, one thing I have noticed about being on a plane is that I get some of my best reading and thinking done on a plane.

When I went to go pick up my rental car, I found that it hadn’t been payed for yet…so that meant $400 out of pocket probably until the end of the month. I barely have it right now too after my trip to Reno.

And then I ordered room service because I was funungry. I got chicken teriyaki…honestly mostly for the rice. And I get a call saying they are out of rice. Who runs out of rice?

The food comes…no knife, the sauce is salty, and the soda is warm. Not impressed with this particular $180/night hotel so far. However, the room is nice and at least this one has already been paid for.

Here’s to hoping my trip will get better and I won’t have to work overtime Thursday and Friday.

I Want to go to Tokyo

I don’t get access to any of the vacation time that I am currently accruing at my new job until I have been working here for 6 months. At that time I get 5 vacation days.

Well, I haven’t been out of the country since before I can remember. I think I’d like to go to Tokyo for a week once I do get my vacation time. It seems like a great city to explore culture, technology, and night life. Have any of my readers been to Tokyo? If so, what do you think of it?