Work Update at One Week

I put in a fourteen-hour day yesterday. It didn’t seem like a fourteen hour day at all.

From 10am until 6pm I was mostly doing research and the such and getting my cube in order. I also got a working badge to access the building. I have a working sfchronicle email address. I like feeling more official, rather than just like the “new guy.” Now I just have to get my smart phone, which should be coming soon, with a 415 area code even (which will make me feel less like a new guy to the city, with my 443 area code and all).

From about 6pm to 12am we had to reassign IP addresses on tons of printers. We were talking IP addresses, ARP, DNS, and servers. My opinion mattered and I was respected. It was great.

Now tomorrow I am off to Hawaii until the 22nd with Alyssa’s family. Yipee!

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  • Have a great time ;^}. And can hardly wait to see you soon.

  • Well you’ve been having an incredible time in Hiwaii: snorkling and
    going to an aquarium and stuff and even eating the way you usually don’t:
    3 steaks you say?!…. red meat? It’s in the 80’s there and soon
    you’ll be visiting here in ol’ MerryLand where the temps are up and
    down and many have colds because of it. Pack some warm clothing
    particularly because you know you’ll be going to the tailgate party.

    love you and can hardly wait to see you,