San Francisco Night 5

After lunch with Andrea and Steve yesterday, I walked to Golden Gate Park. I was amazed at the beauty and upkeep of this park, along with how many people were using it. There was a huge area of flowers, nice big lawns, and a road closed to cars on the weekend, which is nice for bikers and skaters. I even witnessed an impromptu rollerskate dance party. Here are a couple of pictures from the park:

After leaving the park, I walked through the Haight-Ashbury area. I will have to say I wasn’t too impressed. It all seemed a bit gimmicky to me for some reason. One neat find, however, was the anarchist bookstore. I am sure I could find some lively debate in there if I was up for it one day.

I had gone out every night since I arrived, so I decided to stay in last night. At about 9 I felt a bit hungry, and decided to get a snack at the hotel restaurant. I took a book with me, and wasn’t really looking at the chicken strips I was eating. On the last one, i noticed that it was quite undercooked. I am glad I didn’t get sick today. Also, thankfully they didn’t charge me for the food. Otherwise, there would have been quite an argument.

I had my interview today. It was with a company called PC Guardian. They are in the encryption business. The interview went very well. About 20 minutes after leaving their office, I got a call to set up the second interview for Wednesday. The outlook for this job is very good, and I was really impressed by the description of the company and job. Evidently, about half of my time would be spent doing research, both for current customer issues, and research on personal interests (that I guess would have something to do with my work).

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  • Beautiful photos. Once again, good luck on your interview. Enjoyed our phone conversation and cannot wait to cya.

  • I just had to register mainly because I’m at work and I don’t think I had any other way to tell you, but I have text messaging…. I’m such a dork… Good luck today on your interviews…

  • We are all waiting with baited breath for the next exciting episode…will he get the job? Will he move? What kind of host will he make for all his friends who will descend upon him? This may even be more real than Sims 2. Seriously, good luck. You deserve it.

  • What’s said with baited breath, me too!!! ;>)) And to pass on the little humor to others again what I told you what unc henry said about when he was on his way to Japan about 47 years ago it was a very nice place when he spent a month one week out in san fran as he remembered the bars and how pretty it was. Cya soon and will get you your four scopes.