Conclusion of my trip, beginning of a new life

Today was a rather big day, and a long one. I started it off by accepting a job offer with PC Guardian Technologies. I will be doing high-level tech support during European Business hours (2am-11am Pacific time). Also, about half my time will be devoted to research and problem replication.

After running a couple of errands at FedEx/Kinkos, I grabbed some lunch. Of course, since I didn’t technically have an income, I hadn’t been able to apply to apartments until today. So, at about 1:30pm I was able to start seriously looking at apartments online. I found two that I decided to look at. One was near the Tenderloin district (crappy area of San Fran) but it looked really nice, and it seemed to be a decent size. Another one was on Russian Hill (which is a nice neighborhood) but was rather small.

So I walked over to the first apartment, to get a feel for the neighborhood. Even though it was near the Tenderloin, the neighborhood wasn’t horrible, but not the best either. I called the person that listed the apartment, and she didn’t pick up. Well, I didn’t have time to burn, so I walked to the next apartment. The neighborhood looked very nice, so I called the person in charge of that apartment at about 2:45. I explained to them that I would like to see the apartment sooner rather than later, and they set an appointment for 4pm. This left me with the opportunity to check out the neighborhood more. One street over, I discovered restaurants, bars, coffee shops, grocery stores, and a bakery.

The apartment is small, but it is nice. The kitchen and bathroom look to be all new, and the carpet is clean. After looking at it for about 5 minutes and asking a few questions, I started filling out an application. I explained to the man showing the apartment that I would like to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Well, by 7pm I found out that the apartment is mine. I am meeting the woman in charge tomorrow to pay her the deposit, and my lease will start on September 8.

I am flying out of San Francisco tomorrow, and Rich, Wendy, and I will be driving cross country Tuesday, hopefully getting in on Thursday the 8th. I start my job on Monday the 12th. I guess I have just been lucky to be able to do everything so quickly around here.

It is funny sometimes how the smallest occurances can change one’s life so much. For instance, I likely would not have even come to San Francisco had it not been for a reader of my friend’s blog, who had not commented before on the website, but with her first comment really spoke highly of San Francisco. I have been emailing her since, and she has been a big help. Also, if the person from the first apartment had picked up the phone when I was there today, I might not have even looked at the second apartment. But, because she didn’t pick up, I went on my way.

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  • So…the adventure continues. Life is so much like daytime tv soaps, but maybe not as interesting. Nothing happens for years and we get kind of complacent, maybe even start putting on a few pounds and losing our hair, and then one cataclysmic, seemingly tragic thing happens and boom (as John Madden would say) everything changes. For you the change has led to this great confluence of events. Congratulations on everything. But seriously, will you root for the Warriors and 49ers? The Giants? The A’s? HOW COULD YOU!

  • Well, years back the 49ers won the Super Bowl and at the Park 97 Walmart I bought their t-shirt one year. Although, I think that you will perhaps route for many of the basketball teams and watch a lot of that. It makes a lot of sense that your work hours are what they are seeing as you work with European companies. Very much glad that you got that apt which you had discussed with me that is so close to neat things and in a wonderful neighborhood and only three miles to work.

    Be seeing you soon. We can get the 5 scoops whenever you want. Call me.


  • That is sooo awesome… I told you, You had nothing to be worried about… Now I’m all excited for you… Hope to see and hear from you soon

  • You have so much to look forward to!!! ;>} I got you something for your new kitchen. Had a me day at the mall today….. hair done, shopping and a movie and such. The movie: Redeye…. I recommend it.

  • Glad that you are back; ever such as small time as it ’tis. Enjoy your Maryland holiday weekend……. Safe traveling back to ‘ol San Fran and I’ll cya.

  • So hey…when do we hear about the next exciting episode. We can’t live on re-runs here, now can we? Was the show cancelled?
    How’s it going? I hope all is safe on your way back. Take care.

  • San Fransisco here I come, right back where I started from, San Francisco here I come!!