On the Road

Wendy, Rich and I left Maryland at 7:08 AM EDT on Tuesday morning. We had my Lexus ES300 towing a 5×8 trailer. The car was definitely handling it well, but we weren’t pushing it – a maximum of 70mph the whole way.

A few hours into our trip, we had our first problem. We, of course, had way too many things hooked up to the cigarette lighter. We had a car mini fridge, a cell phone charger, and a power inverter powering an ipod and a couple of laptops hooked up. Needless to say, the cigarette lighter did not hold up. It was only a matter of time before everything ran out of batteries and our drinks got warm.

Despite the lack of DVDs to watch, we somehow weren’t at each other’s throats. We drove straight through for 30 hours, with rotating sleeping. Just past Denver, we discovered a tire and wheel in the road that, unlike all of his brothers, was not connected to an actual car. The Lexus unfortunately discovered it before we did.

The homeless wheel did its best to try to make my car its home. It failed miserably, instead tearing up the bottom of my car (exhaust, catalytic converter, and the radiator). We limped into the next exit, where there was conveniently a UHaul place. After calling my insurance company, I decided to tow the car to San Francisco with a UHaul truck and get it fixed there.

We finally got a hotel last night in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We also got a decent meal and, most importantly, beer. We’re now hitting the road again at 8am Mountain Time. We are aiming to get in to San Francisco by 12pm Friday.

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  • Oh your poor car 🙁 I hit a pole with my the day before you left it didn’t do too much damage, but my truck hates me now 🙁 I hope everything goes a little better and you get there ok 🙁

  • Sorry about the tire episode. But tell me, is 12pm noon or midnight. I’ve pondered this perplexing question many times over the course of my life and have never satisfactorilly resolved it in my mind. Glenwood’s really nice. I hope the beer was appropriately soothing. Good luck on the remainder of the trip.

  • You called me on Tuesday night around 10 p.m. here and all was well. Guess, if things were any worse you would have let me know?????? I’m not sure if you’re getting in at noon or midnight either, accept that one minute past midnight is 0001. Let me know when you get in. Call me.